FieldFare is a leading developer in solar energy. We develop, finance, build and operate solar plants in Latin America, offering our customers a economically viable solution for their energy needs, while respecting sustainability and the environment.

About us

Fieldfare is a leading company in the development, construction and operation of solar photovoltaic plants with a vocation to act as IPP (Independent Power Producer).

The team cherishes a combined experience of more than 2,500 MW, with an investment of over 4,000 million USD.



Vicente López - Ibor Mayor

Vicente López - Ibor Mayor


Doctorate in Law, Chairman and Co-founder of Lightsource Renewable Energy, Chairman and Co-Founder of Ampere Energy; Professor of Law at the University of Comillas; Master in Business Administration; AMP IESE; Alumni of the JFK School of Government at Harvard University and Harvard Business School; Fellow of the United States Department of State; Member of the ENAM European Council.

He has been Secretary General and the Board of Directors of UNESA, as well as Chairman of the Legal Committee, and Managing Director of the FCC Group.

Vicente was Director of CNE the National Electric Regulatory Commission (Spanish energy Regulator) and the National Energy Commission, and currently chairs the Committee of Ex Regulators of this Committee. He was a member of the Expert Group on Government Procurement of the European Commission. He is a member of the Advisory Board of Accenture.

Vicente has written a large number of publications and books on energy.

Nick Boyle

Nick Boyle

A dynamic leader and entrepreneur, Nick Boyle is founder and CEO of Lightsource Renewable Energy, Europe’s largest solar PV developer, owner and operator. He is well known in the industry for his success in marrying retail financial products to low-risk, predictable investment revenue, generated by utility-scale solar PV plants.

Since the inception of Lightsource, Nick’s drive and vision has seen the company enjoy tremendous success over a short period of time – growing from start-up business to Europe’s number one solar PV portfolio holder in just over four years.

Lightsource have more than 1GW of operational assets with a very significant pipeline currently under construction, these achievements are a testament to Nick’s innate ability to identify opportunities and build on them. Prior to his current role, Nick sat at Board and Senior Director level in a number of leading retail financial service companies.

Alexandre Díez

Alexandre Díez

Law graduate with a Masters degree in Financial and Banking Law and currently attending the program in Business Management OPM (49) at Harvard Business School.

Partner of the law firm International Law Firm Lopez-Ibor Mayor & Asociados since 2005, Co-founder and CEO of Energy Global Partners, Co-founder and Director of Lightsource Renewable Energy, Co-Founder and Director of Ampere Energy, Professor at the Master Spanish Energy Club Energy and Energy Master ICAI.

Alexandre has 20 years of experience in structuring energy projects internationally and also has extensive business experience in the field of renewable energy.



José María Piñar

José María Piñar


José Maria is currently serving as CEO for Elmya, an EPC contractor with over 250 MW track record in solar pv, as well as other technologies. Electrical Engineer with over 12 years of experience in the energy sector, Jose Maria has participated in the engineering and construction of more than 50 energy projects worldwide.

He has a track record of more than 500 million USD in solar pv transactions in the UK, Europe and Latin America with Elmya and other companies.

Successful entrepreneur and recognized solar expert, Jose Maria is co-Founder and CEO of Fieldfare, as well as member of the Board of Directors Elmya. He holds an MBA from IESE-San Telmo.

Manuel Fernández de Castro

Manuel Fernández de Castro

Development Director

Industrial Engineering from the University of Seville and an MBA from the IE Business School, Manuel has over 7 years of experience in the solar photovoltaic sector.

Before co-founding Fieldfare, he served in different positions at Fotowatio Renewable Ventures, been responsible for the development of projects in countries such as Spain, France, Italy, India, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Chile and Peru. Manuel developed a pipeline of more than 400MW for FRV, and is now leading FieldFare development team.

He is co-founder of the Association of Solar Photovoltaic Producers in Mexico (ASOLMEX), where he still has a place at the Board of Directors.

Fernandez de Castro has lived in Spain, Ireland and Mexico.

Eneko Álvarez de Eulate

Eneko Álvarez de Eulate

Commercial Director

Eneko Alvarez de Eulate has a degree in Business Administration by the University of La Este in San Sebastian Deusto, as well as a Master in Financial Management. He has over 10 years of highly successful experience in the energy sector.

Before co-founding Fieldfare, he has occupied various posts in the Isolux Corsan Group, having been responsible for the international development of the Group for Africa and Middle East as well as responsible for the development of their renewable energies business, focused on photovoltaic and wind solar projects in countries such as the United States, Mexico, Honduras, Peru, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Kenya, UK and Japan.

He managed to close EPC contracts for projects totalling more than 800MW.

Eneko has resided in Spain, Sweden and Mexico.



Fieldfare strategy is based on a number of fundamental premises

High-growth markets with transparent regulatory systems:

Certain Countries in LatAm have experienced steady economic growth over the past decade, driven by increases in commodities prices worldwide, together with the liberalization of their respective economies and implementation of transparent regulatory systems. This growth is projected to continue in the medium to long term.

Steady increase in electrical demand to feed the growing economy

Economic growth has resulted in an important increase in the electrical consumption in those countries, due to the development of new industrial projects, as well as the growth in vegetative demand due to the improvements in quality of life and the expanding middle class.

Shortage of new projects to meet demand

Quality infrastructure assets with large scale in the energy sectors are scarce and expensive. There is a shortage of credible new projects to fill the growing gap between supply and demand.

Socially Responsible Approach

Best practices followed by the company with regular stakeholder consultation and personal involvement by Senior Management. Early and proactive community engagement is followed by continuous and transparent communication. FF’s strategy focuses on projects with lower CO2 emissions.


Fieldfare is strongly committed to the development and promotion of ethical and responsible behaviours throughout the value chain, taking measures to facilitate economic and social development of partners and collaborators with whom it relates.

Social responsibility is part of the business culture of Fieldfare partners and, as such, promotes ethical and responsible behaviours in the development of their activities, seeking recognition of a business and management model committed to value creation and sustainable development.

The values that set us apart are teamwork, innovation, excellence, respect and sustainability.

Attitudes: leadership and passion for the customer.



Acquisition of a 200+ MW portfolio. FieldFare is currently running the Due Diligence process of a portfolio of projects totalling more than 200MW with private and reliable off-takers. Mexico is one of the most promising solar markets in Latin America, and FieldFare has been very active in the country, analysing and developing projects, focusing on PPA with private off-takers.


Launching Greenfield developments.
FieldFare has launched its operations in Argentina, starting the development of a large portfolio of Greenfield solar projects in the country. Argentina is a priority target for FieldFare, where we have become a relevant player and as well as a reference.



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